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The Sustainable World Project is a 50 year long project started in the year 2000 The objective is to impact the quality of life of ALL people by connecting communities worldwide generating profound experiences of love and joy.

In 2015, after 15 years of preparation, we had started the soft launch (Watch the Video) of the Sustainable World Project. This project will instill higher consciousness values and skills through participation in online and offline local, domestic and international interactive events using guided dialogues and healing sessions designed to transcend the Egoic conditioned mind. This will lead to unprecedented experiences of unity consciousness in a critical mass of 10.000 Sustainable World Leaders. These leaders will bring the same unprecedented experiences to millions of Sustainable World Community Members. As all consciousness is connected these experiences will bring forth new thoughts and new ways of being in the collective consciousness of humanity. This will lead towards new ways of being, new ways of communication, new types of action and new ways of collaboration. These new ways of collaboration will lead to a world that works for all people by the year 2050.

Through the use of visual communication technology and guided by mature leaders, we will start creating interactive events between multiple locations in each and every country worldwide. Single events will become a 24 hour 7 day per week ongoing event. The first locations will be the Empowerment Camps, schools and the homes of our leaders. Later, any location, whether it is a THRIVE Empowerment Center, a movie theater, a conference room, a church, a restaurant or a mobile location, can join to participate in a new conversation. An authentic guided conversation so powerful that it will transform the collective mindset of humanity.

Transcending judgment while recognizing our shared humanity, through high-speed fiber and new cutting edge technologies, like automatic speech translation and 3D holographic projections of people, will bring an ongoing experience of love and unity, people have never ever experienced before. This experience will lead to more experiences of acceptance, joy, peace of mind and full self-expression. Those experiences will automatically self motivate people to operate inside a new paradigm of oneness . People becoming aware to all these new experiences will think, choose, communicate and act in new ways. This will lead to new ways of collaboration and finally to a world that works for all people by the year 2050.