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1. Higher Consciousness Project Manager
2. Communication Coach
3. Conscious Marketeer
4. Video Artist
5. Video Editor
6. Photographer
7. Social Media Expert
8. Media Contact
9. Holistic Chef / Culinary Expert
10. F & B Manager Empowerment Camps & Tours
11. Holistic Cleaning Artist
12. Chauffeur
13. Two Wheeled Transporter
14. Executive Assistant
15. Total Well Being Manager / Healer
16. Event Manager
17. Innovative Technology Adviser
18. Web Developer
19. Garden Manager
20. Financial Abundance Manager
21. Brand Manager
22. Center Manager
23. Facilitator for Programs
24. Personal Assistant
25. To be determined

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The Sustainable World Project was started as a 50 year, 50 step project in the year 2000. The Founder is Richard Alexander. The organization operates as a movement. Our vision and objective is a world that works for all people by the year 2050. After 15 years of preparation and a 10 year soft launch phase, we will move into the worldwide implementation phase in 2025. In October 2021 we have selected the first 4 Core Team Members. In 2023, 2024 and 2025 we will select 46 more and build a core team of 50 members.

Our mission is to organize highly participative, authentic, empowering, playful, interactive online and offline live community events, where through participation in shared activities we connect the hearts and raise the consciousness of millions of people in 212 countries worldwide. Our Founder Richard Alexander will empower and enable a critical mass of 10.000 change makers to bring their minds to a state of unity or heart consciousness. These 10.000 Sustainable World Leaders will connect to thousands of locations with millions of people through audio and video and bring the minds of our Sustainable World Community Members to a higher state of consciousness. This will cause a sustainable shift in the collective consciousness and solve ALL problems.

The simplest way to understand our work is to wonder how the world will change when daily ALL people experience a true sense of connection to themselves, to each other, to their environment and life itself. When people daily experience universal love, joy and inner peace, how will that change their thoughts, feelings, communications and actions?

In our events people are transcending judgment while recognizing our shared humanity. Through high-speed fiber and satellite, new cutting edge technologies, like automatic speech translation, 3D holographic projections of people and anti-gravity transport, will bring an ongoing experience of connection, people have never ever experienced before. This unprecedented experience of connection will lead to more experiences of acceptance, joy, inner peace and full self-expression. Those experiences will automatically self motivate people to operate inside a new paradigm of oneness . In this new paradigm people will be, think, choose, communicate and act in new ways. This will lead to new ways of collaboration and finally to a world that works for all people by the year 2050.