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The Sustainable World Project is a 50 year project started in the year 2000. Our objective is a world that works for all people by the year 2050. To achieve this objective we are uniting a critical mass of 10.000 Sustainable World Leaders. These leaders will be supported by millions of Sustainable World Community Members.

Through critical mass actions the higher consciousness leadership skills of our leaders will inspire a new non-violent behavior for humanity. A behavior rooted in heart virtues like appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor; a behavior that leads to caring for the people in our world and sharing with the people in our world. What we do is proven by the latest consciousness science and is explained by Ancient Wisdom from around the world. Play a lead role in transforming your world. See the end of poverty, war, inequality and environmental destruction in one generation time.

As of today more than 20.000 people have united to create a world that works for ALL people. If you also want to actively engage in creating a sustainable world then click the 'ENGAGE' button below.


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