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The THRIVE Empowerment Centers of the Sustainable World Project

Sustainable World Leaders are inspiring a new mindset. THRIVE Empowerment Centers are places where members of communities come to empower and enable themselves. A place where anyone can discover oneself and one's purpose. We have observed that when one finds one's purpose - their authentic self-expression - they become a member of society who is playing an active role in the advancement of society. Through innovative visual communication technology all these centers will be connected to our Empowerment Platform. In this global network we will experience a oneness as never before. This will self motivate people to be in action with creating a world that works for all people.

The paradigm shift from lower egoic consciousness to higher unity consciousness involves:
- a shift from external authority to internal authority, no one will have authority over others.
- a shift from changing the outside (the physical world) to looking inside and changing the inside (our collective mindset).
- a shift from schools governed by adults to schools being governed by the young people themselves.
- a shift from operating fear based and government controlled to operating love based and community managed.
- a shift from seperation by age into an age mix.
- a shift from mandatory harmful teachings to a freely chosen inspired learning.
- a shift from rigid setups with fixed rooms to a dynamic worldwide location where everchanging facilities are driven by the demand of the young people.
- a shift in the decision making paradigm from a selfish context to a context of which works for all involved.

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