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Worldwide 15 Empowerment Camps will unite a critical mass of 10.000 Sustainable World Leaders from around the world. Through the use of sound, light, movement, breathing, meditation and healing, we will show them how to change our mindset to the natural state of Alpha. In other words, we will sing, dance, engage in dialogue, watch enlightening movies and documentaries, do life altering healing work, reconnect with earth and much much more. Next, we show how a critical mass of 10.000 leaders can change the collective mindset of humanity. This will change the root of all problems in our world - the Egoic state of consciousness. In these camps the participants will go home having made life long friends from all over the world. At home they will start a THRIVE Empowerment Center where they will interact with us and their new friends until we have a world that works for all people.